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The timeless attraction of Berlin for call centers…

At the beginning of the 2000s, the call and service center industry in Berlin began to expand rapidly.
The reasons for this were inexpensive office rents (less than EUR 8 per m²) and a wide range of international skilled workers. A high unemployment rate, proximity to universities and government investment aid also benefited the outsourcing boom.

Customer service centers in Berlin suddenly sprouted up like mushrooms. There were new openings every week. In 2000, Berlin already had 50 call centers with around 6,000 employees. These were mainly focused on energy and telecommunication. The number of external customer service centers multiplied tenfold between 2002 and 2007. Since then, the industry has consolidated.

Call Center Berlin - internationally recognized location

Berlin has rapidly developed into a competitive international Call Center Hub. The rapid upswing could not be stopped even by the doubling of office rents in the last five years. In comparison with other German and European cities, Berlin is still extremely attractive.

The support and commitment of the State of Berlin to customer service through comprehensive investment, labor market and qualification support continue to make Berlin a popular location today.

The cyber boom consolidates the call center industry

The era of the IT boom with new technologies and challenges has turned Berlin into a modern Elektropolis .
Berlin's emerging start-up scene is bringing exciting innovations in the electrical and IT sectors. Growth-oriented start-ups need customer expertise. Kunden-Expertise. Call Center As a result, call centers are quickly becoming professional partners. They increase efficiency and accelerate business processes.
Currently, over 350,000 companies are registered in Berlin. Berlin's start-up scene is by far the number one among Europe's metropolises. Potentials and perspectives are strongly supported by the Berlin Economic Development Agency in the settlement process.
Young companies in the Fintech and IT sectors have created a completely new market within a very short time through innovative problem-solving approaches, globalization and scalability. New outsourcing projects require smaller and higher quality teams.
This is provided by customer service providers, who are managed in a customer-oriented was and meet market requirements. Decades of professional experience contribute to the recipe for success.

ja-dialog's Inbound Call Center is located in the center of Berlin, right next to Strausberger Platz

Attractive locations for Berlin call centers in the Oberbaumbrücke area

Attractive locations for Berlin call centers in the Oberbaumbrücke area The dimensions of call centers have not remained the same. In the past, they consisted of 200 to 300 employees. Today, Call Center Berlin offer exciting job opportunities in centrally located sites with an average of 50 to 150 employees.
With currently 240 call center service providers, improved services are also supported by high competition. Call centers live in harmony with new software concepts. The modern call center impresses with powerful customer service and software flexibility.
Creative know-how, innovative strategies, current trends and technical solutions can be actively exchanged. Unified communication is the future. "Just making a phone call" is a thing of the past. Employees and business partners no longer just pick up the phone, but connect in various ways.
The coronavirus pandemic has changed Berlin's startups as well as the call center industry. Start-ups quickly implemented new market-leading ideas in the IT (such as home office). Due to higher unemployment worldwide, more graduates were available in the labour market. Call centers benefited from an increased supply of multilingual customer service specialists.

Young mix of cultures and quality of life come together

Berlin is regularly ranked as one of the most liveable cities in the world. People of all ages appreciate the colourful and diverse cultural, recreational and leisure opportunities.

The German capital of Berlin is a young and cosmopolitan city. 55% of the residents are younger than 45 years old and more than 190,000 students have chosen Berlin as an internationally renowned academic destination.

The affordability and diversity of Master's degree programs in English make Berlin the first choice of international students.

Berlin offers an optimal infrastructure. It is the city of short distances, because the extensive network of local public transport is constantly being expanded. Car sharing is a simple and uncomplicated way to be mobile even outside of the inner city area of ​​Berlin.

There is no city more beautiful than one populated by various cultures. So why choose one culture when you can have a mix of everything? In Berlin, people of different origins live together peacefully. Here, one can find everything that the heart desires: from culture and art to an incredibly diverse international cuisine.

Cosmopolitanism and diversity make Berlin an attractive place to live and work

Norman Schumann ist Geschäftsführer unseres inhabergeführten Inbound Call Centers ja-dialog.

Interview with Norman Schumann

"The pandemic highlights the importance of agile working practices and flexibility while maintaining efficiency."
"Our team is the key to success"

“Working from home is a good way to protect yourself and others from infection.”

"Even before COVID-19, many organizations faced significant IT challenges. Now the pandemic is forcing them to support new ways of working in a very short time."
Mr. Schumann, how did the Corona pandemic affect call center recruitment?
Norman Schumann: In the past, Berlin call centers took advantage of a high unemployment rate. With the current unemployment rate of only around 7 percent and a higher demand for call center agents (m/f/d), recruiting qualified employees has become quite a challenge. Due to the corona pandemic, many qualified professionals from the hospitality industry decided to work in a call center last year. They benefit from the advantages of a more balanced work-life balance and enrich our industry with their years of experience in multilingual customer service.
What impact did the coronavirus pandemic have on the Berlin call center industry?
Norman Schumann: The corona virus has changed the world. Even "afterwards" some things will no longer be the same as before. Changes in daily life and the world of work have proven to be not so impractical. The outbreak of the corona pandemic has forced most companies to react quickly and adapt their operations. In many companies, the classic working day has shifted to the virtual world. Even before COVID-19, many companies were facing significant IT challenges. Now the pandemic has forced them to implement new ways of working in a very short space of time. IT is also under massive pressure. Thanks to their high level of flexibility, customer service providers have been able to successfully support companies in this. The pandemic makes it clear how important agile working methods and flexibility are while maintaining efficiency. A good call center agent can be of great value here.
How does the flexibility that you mentioned represent itself in concrete terms?
Norman Schumann: The Corona pandemic has made working from home the new normal, because the health and safety of employees always comes first. With the home office solution, both employers and employees have gained flexibility. Customer service providers generally welcome the opportunity to work from home in an open-plan office without being distracted by colleagues. Employees no longer need to take up commuting time. Outsourcing service providers can employ customer advisors according to demand without having to worry about expanding their office. Working from home will continue to shape call center work cultures in general in the future, as protection against infections and the health of all employees take priority. Employees will be encouraged to work comfortably from home if they have cold symptoms. Working from home is therefore a good way to protect yourself and others from infection, even when the next wave of flu is on the way. The team spirit is maintained through regular discussions and contact via web meetings.
What distinguishes ja-dialog?
Norman Schumann: At ja-dialog, the focus is on outsourcing high-quality B2B and B2C processes. In doing so, we succeed in providing these services at the highest level. We are a qualified partner for companies of all sizes and stages of growth. Our expertise spans a wide range of industries, including insurance, energy, telecommunications, travel and healthcare. We currently provide services to large enterprises as well as mid-sized companies and start-ups. Our project sizes vary from 3 to 50 employees.
What specific services do you offer?
Norman Schumann: As an inbound call center, we not only take care of the client's interactive phone communication, but also handle tickets and do case processing. The range of our services is very diverse. We are able to perform various tasks when serving our customer hotlines. We ensure the continuity of a solid and strategic customer consultation. We process all types of service requests in the first and second level. In doing so, we work with clearly defined methods. These include research prior to a call, lead qualification as well as cross- and upselling to the right extent, at the right time, and with the necessary personalization.
What makes ja-dialog so successful?
Norman Schumann: Our call center agents are continuously trained by our competent team of trainers. For our clients, the further training of our employees and the optimization of process flows are the priority. Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of training and consulting, we implement successful and beneficial measures for our clients. Our team is the key to success. With every new task, we challenge ourselves to develop an optimal and individual concept. Innovation and creativity are an important foundation of our work in both development and implementation.


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