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An inbound call center needs more than the superlatives & buzzwords

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Really good customer service is an art that only a few have mastered.
The focus is on the person at the other end of the line. You have to listen carefully, build up a connection and address the client's concerns, requests, and needs seriously.
Inbound services are the ideal tool for this

We at ja-dialog have made it our goal to identify the right employees and to inspire them with our values in order to have truly exceptional customer service with every contact coming from our clients.


Ein Inbound Call Center braucht mehr als Superlative & Buzzwords

Constantly improving the inbound call center

Constantly improving the inbound call center

We believe in the principle of permanent improvement.

There is no system that cannot be improved, what matters is to continuously question yourself and what you do, how you do it and why you do it.

This is how champions are made. That's why we have a toolbox of methods for a continuous improvement process in customer service. Whether it's inbound calls, e-mail inquiries or chats, all processes are regularly put to the test.

This is how we achieve success for you as a client.

Owner-managed and oriented towards long-term partnerships

Inhabergeführt und auf langfristige Partnerschaften ausgerichtet

ja-dialog is one of the few service providers in this industry that is owner-managed.

The advantages for cooperation are clear: We offer a consistent contact-person with decision-making authority. This allows us to quickly expand your customer service to other communication channels, take flexible decisions, and align the company in a long-term and stable manner.

With us as an inbound call center partner, you will have more time for your core business and to develop new visions.

ja-dialog ist Ihr Experte für Inbound Calls und vieles mehr

Doing a good job and having a great time is what we stand for.

Inbound und Outbound Customer Service in familiärer Umgebung

Doing a good job and having a great time is what we stand for.

Working with us can also be stressful, partly because we strive to provide the best customer service. Operating the cloud telephony system, handling incoming calls, social media contacts and working from home are part of the challenge.

We don’t want to change that and we cannot. Therefore, it is even more important for us that our colleagues work in a pleasant environment. We accept everyone just as they are.

Sustainable call center outsourcing only works if we can provide a good and stable team. That is why we make every effort to maintain a warm and friendly atmosphere. With us, colleagues quickly become good acquaintances, or even friends.

Customer Value and Other Values

Customer Value and Other Values

Most companies are good at defining customer value. However, few look at the people who deliver the customer value.

For us, both are at the top of the list: the customers, their values and needs, as well as the values and needs of our colleagues.

One cannot exist without the other.

Egal ob per E-Mail, Social Media, WhatsApp, Chat oder Cloud Telefonanlage - wir sind für Ihre Kunden da!
Susanne Dué-Beckers - Leiterin Vertrieb

Susanne Dué-Beckers

Sales Director

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Christoph Baumgärtner - Geschäftsführer
Dr. Christoph Baumgärtner
Managing Director

This is us

My goal is to create jobs in an efficient corporate structure and provide excellent service from Paraguay to the world, strengthening the country brand. With ja-dialog I have found the perfect partner to achieve this! Finding a company that shares my vision is the cornerstone to be able to be myself and generate successful results.
My name is Madeleine, I am 27 years old. As a single mom I became aware of the family-friendly company j-dialog. They are very considerate of sick children or day-care leave, respectively, in the current time we were given the opportunity to take care of our children while working from home. This allows me to better organize my everyday life. Among other things, ja-dialog offers employees great events such as Oktoberfest, Christmas parties and Halloween, where we are also treated with delicious food. Through these events, you also get to know your colleagues better and have a lot of fun together. Overall, I feel very comfortable and am glad I said yes to ja-dialog.
In addition to a modern leadership culture and honest communication among each other, I really honour the appreciation for all employees. The great colleagues, numerous events and offers for employees and lots of fun are the icing on the cake. I don't regret for a second having chosen ja-dialog.
I stand for treating customers like friends. I learned this approach from my first employer, where Fred Reichheld invented the NPS (Net Promoter Score) over 20 years ago. The NPS describes precisely the principle of friendship as the key to long-term customer loyalty.
The customer service field is a very fast-paced environment where there is always a lot of turnovers. Always new colleagues and new projects. For me, this is a great challenge - always boing open to something new and actively helping to shape the projects. What I like about ja-dialog is the family-like atmosphere and the respectful way people treat each other. Looking back on my other experiences at other stations, I have experienced other things. At the beginning, it was also not easy for me to get used to or adjust to this kind of environment.
I appreciate ja-dialog as an owner-managed company with flat hierarchies, short decision-making processes and a high level of flexibility and agility. Unfortunately, this family-like atmosphere and the numerous opportunities for creativity were lost in my last company during the transfer from a German medium-sized company to a global corporation. That’s why I am even more excited every day to make my location with all its wonderful people and customer service topics even better.
With several years of experience in various areas of the Call Center industry, I was able to quickly decide on ja-dialog as my new employer. The exciting and varied tasks in my previous project, combined with friendly colleagues and superiors, convinced me at the time. Shortly after, I was able to develop into a specialist and took over line control for a large client. Through this field of activity, I was also able to familiarise myself with my current position as a workforce management employee. I feel comfortable in this position and have been satisfied with my employer for more than 4 years. I particularly appreciate the development opportunities and would like to emphasise that my employer also acts in the interests of the employees when it comes to fast-moving decisions, such as during the Corona pandemic.
I chose ja-dialog because here the employees are listened to and appreciated. I was hired for the "Care" project and took on various tasks that were not the same every day. It was a very sensitive project where I fit in well, because of my compassion and empathic nature. I experienced wonderful support from my dear colleagues, when I had any worries or challenges, whether in my professional or private life (since I am a single parent), my management team always tried to find a suitable solution. My team leader also supported me as much as possible in all matters (whether private or professional) – that is really great. ja-dialog is designed to be family atmosphere - I appreciate that very much about the company. The superiors are on an equal footing. During the Corona crisis, the company reacted in a really brilliant way and sent its employees to work from home instead of the employment office - we were well taken care of and supported in the home office. All in all, it's a call center like no other. I love working here and hope for many more years together 🙂
My name is Carlotta and I am from Italy. With my several years of experience in customer service, both in Italy and Germany, I was able to quickly decide on ja-dialog as my new employer. I am part of a great international team, in which I immediately integrated myself. Being given the opportunity to work from home has helped me better balance my work-life and personal life. However, I still sometimes come to the office to enjoy the atmosphere and to meet my colleagues. Overall, I can say that I feel very comfortable and am glad that I said yes.
After a year as a telephone customer service advisor, I took the opportunity to apply for an apprenticeship as a salesperson for dialog marketing. I'm now in my 3rd year of training and I'm glad I said yes back then. Throughout the years, I have developed myself professionally, personally and also in terms of my skills. Like when I was an agent, I got all the support I need as a trainee. In general, ja-dialog places a lot of value on a good working atmosphere and friendly interaction - if you engage yourself with it, you quickly feel comfortable and make progress.
I say yes because I like the company's values such as the quality of customer service and a family-like environment. Even in times of crisis, I can count on having a secure job.
Why I like working for ja-dialog? Here, I was given the chance to develop myself further. Sometimes the leap from agent to team leader is not that big, as long as you allow the person to grow. With ja-dialog, I was able to grow into a team leader in just a few months and successfully lead my own team. In my new position, I also focus on each agent individually and help them achieve their personal success. I feel like I belong here.
I started my training as a "service specialist for dialog marketing" in August. When I applied, I knew from the beginning that it would be fun and that I would learn a lot here. I'm looking forward to further collaboration and new projects with my colleagues.
Here at ja-dialog, we have a great team of colleagues, who live and breathe customer service with a lot of experience and really know how to handle the business around it. That’s what makes work fun. I, for one, am happy to be here.
I can totally fulfil my potential at ja-dialog. For me, this means that I can stand behind customer service with heart, passion and professionalism. And as a site manager for ja-dialog, I stand as a fair and reputable employer in my home region of Bitterfeld. Previously, I managed a site of 800 employees. It was a big step to build up ja-dialog Wolfen from the very first customer advisor. I have never regretted the decision to make this new beginning with ja-dialog.
I am a first-hour employee and in the slightly over two years at ja-dialog Wolfen, there have been many pleasant and not so pleasant projects for me. I feel very comfortable here, because as an agent I am also very respected and can contribute my own ideas.However, I am aware of the fast pace in this industry and I am open to new challenges. Every day brings something new, that's what makes the job so interesting. I am proud to be a part of ja-dialog.
I am an employee "from the very beginning": from the early days with 20 employees, almost on a construction site, with more than 100 employees on a whole floor of the impressive Wolfen town hall. Of course, there have been ups and downs during all this time. We celebrated the highs and discussed the lows - and searched for and found solutions, all of us together. The cohesion and cooperation among colleagues at all levels is great. Supervisors always take opinions into consideration and try to implement suggestions and wishes. As an older employee, I have the same opportunities as a younger colleague. For example, I was given the opportunity to pass on my knowledge to my colleagues as a specialist. ja-dialog is certainly not an "ordinary" call center. Not only the modern technical equipment and our two kitchens with comfortable seating and daily fresh fruit and vegetables speak for themselves. Certainly, there are also points of criticism: keywords - salary and vacation: can of course always be more, but these things are also being addressed, as can be seen from the recent increase in vacation. All in all, a super workplace, I am delighted to be part of this team.
I joined ja-dialog a year ago. A friend told me about her new job, which made me curious. Even the job interview was very relaxed and informative. I work daily in customer contact for the sensitive industry "financial industry". This meant from the very beginning a great trust in me and my work. Rarely have I felt so comfortable with an employer. I enjoy going to work and especially appreciate the family-friendliness here at ja-dialog. We are a super nice team; we work perfectly well together. Our supervisors take our employees' wishes into account and are motivated to implement them. The interaction amongst colleagues is absolutely fair and we treat each other here on an equal footing. I am very satisfied with my decision to work here every day.
I have been working for ja-dialog for over 2 years now and am happy to work for a company where mutual respect and appreciation for colleagues is not just a slogan, but is lived daily. It's fun to work together with colleagues and supervisors and in the fairly short time these have developed into a number of friendships.
For me, working for ja-dialog as a trainer means an exciting, varied and creative work environment. Exciting- You never know in the morning what surprises the day has in store for you. Varied- Not only through processes and adaptations that are trained, but also through the people you work with. Creative - How do you prepare training sessions and which of the many programs (company training portal, via teams, flipchart, PowerPoint, etc.) do you use?
Initially, it was just a job, but even during the job interview, I quickly realized it could become more. There are many opportunities here and the humanity and the well-being of the employees is highly valuated. Even during Corona times, we found the possibility to continue working from home - home office, with an outstanding, initially difficult communication method - but we have mastered it together. Solutions are created. The team and ja-dialog are my "little 2nd family" where I fully enjoy being and can continuously develop. The cooperation among the team and the leaders is very communicative, binding and correspondingly positive. I have met a handful of colleagues here who have now become not only colleagues, but also friends and to some extent family for me, even across different projects.
"Chopping wood is so popular because you can see success immediately in this activity." (Albert Einstein) As a project and process manager, the diversity and individuality of our clients is the most exciting aspect of my job. Successfully implementing projects, continuously improving and seeing them grow, is what makes my work so unique. Every single person in the company contributes to the success. Together as a team, we achieve the goal of meeting the requirements of our clients and their customers at highest quality.

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