The assignment of a service company to handle various internal activities, from taking over customer support to handling correspondence or even acquiring new customers, has been successfully carried out by companies for decades.


The advantages of an inbound call center for you include complete handling of your contracted services, from staff recruitment to the management and reporting of the relevant key figures. This leaves you more time to focus on marketing your product or service, while the call center takes care of your customers and addresses their concerns. Above all, however, it is evident that outsourcing usually offers immense financial added value for your company.

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ja-dialog is an owner-managed call center founded in 2014 by Dr. Christoph Baumgärtner.Initially located in Berlin ja-dialog has a clear focus on inbound services. In 2018, we opened our second location in Wolfen and since then we have grown to a medium-sized company with around 500 employees. Our diverse clients trust us as a longstanding and respected partner, known for the excellent service provided by our skilled workforce.

Through the various requirements of large or small projects from our partners, we offer a comprehensive expertise to help make your outsourcing endeavors a success. Direct communication to the client and full transparency distinguishes us as a value-added inbound call center. Our central location near Alexanderplatz, the pulsing heart of Berlin, makes us an attractive employer for multinational employees. This, in turn, allows us to offer our services as an inbound call center for international customer service in multiple languages while promoting the expansion of your business.


An inbound call center handles any incoming customer communication for you as the client. For example, the call center's employees take care of all customer support and advice on your product or handle specialized sub-areas such as billing issues on your behalf. By handing over these areas of responsibility to the service provider, the client gains various advantages, which are mainly represented in terms of personnel management and finances. Adapted to the client's specifications, the call center also takes on additional tasks such as product sales and orders or tariff advice for new and existing customers.

For this purpose, the workers are given specific access to the company's internal systems to ensure the fastest and smoothest possible processing. These services are now used by almost every industry.

The call center itself can be a normal office space equipped with a few workstations.

Usually, however, it is a large open-plan office that offers many acoustically separated workstations. Thanks to modern telecommunications and fast internet technologies, the location of a call center plays only a subordinate role. Especially in case of phone or video contacts, it is not recognizable or noticeable to the dialog partner whether a call center is located in Germany, Ireland or Tenerife. For written contact, the location is completely irrelevant. Only the working hours of the call center play a role in terms of availability and response time. Thanks to our own extensive experience in a wide range of companies, we have access to a broad knowledge base and can support you in all areas of your project.


1) Concept development

The foundation for a success-oriented collaboration is a clear representation of all required activities and tasksthat you as a client want to hand over to the call center service provider. Ideally, you are already aware of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as AHT (Average Handling Time) or qualitative measures for your project in advance. Based on our experience and cooperation with various companies, right from the start we can assist you in creating a comprehensive concept if you are uncertain whether you have considered all aspects.

4) Customer service around the clock

In our modern world, opening hours are increasingly seen as a relic of the past. The sale of products through websites and the accompanying need for a contact person who is available around the clock w is now expected by the majority of people. Here, too, we are able to satisfy your customers on various communication channels while your business premises are closed.

6) Expansion & Flexibility

We are as interested in the success of your business as you are in maximizing profits. Therefore, it is recommended to hire a call center to take over your customer support, instead of having to accommodate premises and resources for it yourself. In addition, through our existing infrastructure and staff, we are able to respond quickly to growing customer numbers or expansion of your business without you having to take any action.

2) Cost minimization

Compared to the enormous costs of establishing an inhouse customer service department including personnel, technical equipment, facilities and process development, we offer you a fixed quotation, which is precisely tailored to your needs. This gives you long-term planning security and a clear cost plan for years to come.

3) Recruitment and training

As your call center service provider, we take full care of recruitment and training of the employees who will work for your company in the future. This saves you both the search for qualified employees and their training. As an additional bonus, all our agents receive regular coaching and communication training, regardless of the client they are working for. You can therefore rely on perfect customer service.

5) Fluctuating customer flow

In most industries, there is a "peak season" at certain times of the year, which is characterized by an increase in customer contacts and requires correspondingly more employees to manage. However, there are often equally slack periods when far fewer employees are needed for longer periods than the yearly average. As a self-operated service center, such fluctuating customer flows result in massive additional costs for you. As a service provider, we also offer a solution to this problem in the form of an uncomplicated overall package that considers the adjustment of these fluctuations.

7) Professional customer retention

Especially as a company new to the market, your focus is understandably on your product. Therefore, it is recommended to entrust the question of customer retention to a professional call center in order to ensure that customer retention is handled by qualified staff while you continue to devote the focus and your energy on your product.


In addition to all these benefits we as a call center service provider offer we are, of course, also aware of our partners questions and concerns that arise inevitably when outsourcing service areas.
Often there are concerns that a loss of control arises when processes and structures do not yet exist, or when important information needs to be passed on to other departments. We avoid this with absolute transparency in all steps and the ability for you to adapt the workflow we carry out to changing circumstances at any time.
Another extremely important factor is a possible dependence on the service providers performance. We are a highly professional company that offers you a smooth transition to a new or internal partner even if the partnership is terminated. All processes created for you are designed in such a way that they can be easily transferred at any time. In addition, all our employees are bound by a duty of confidentiality and all data processing structures comply with the GDPR.
As a value-added call center service provider, our goal is not only to provide excellent customer support through well-trained employees, but also to be a direct partner by your side when changes occur in your industry.
We always ensure that our IT equipment is up to date in order to provide a quick support for any potential restructuring in customer service. This can be, for example, through the implementation of a new customer management system or expanded support channels for your company. Our IT experts will ensure smooth operations by providing the best hardware and continuous updates of common applications.
As a client, you are of course interested in ensuring that your customers always receive service of the highest level. To provide you with the best insights, we rely on our competencies of a completely transparent data and process analysis. We create a detailed report with all relevant key figures upon your request, so that you always have all the figures at your disposal at a glance.
On various levels, ja-dialog is not only a valuable service provider, but also ambitious to establish a lasting business relationship as your partner. We accompany you individually from the first step of consultation to taking over existing projects with dozens of employees and together finding the perfect solution for your company. While you continue to passionately focus on your product, our employees transfer that passion to your customers through outstanding service.
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