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Outsourcing has become a fundamental part of the business world in the 21st century. Both startups and global giants rely on the services of external companies to save costs or to make certain areas of their operations more efficient. In particular Customer service has become a very popular outsourcing domain. However, not every company is 100% sure whether outsourcing their customer service to a professional call center is beneficial.
As we at ja-dialog know too well, many companies are faced with needs and concerns when it comes to outsourcing, in this article, we have gathered all the important information as well as pros and cons of outsourcing.

Call Center Outsourcing Definition

In principle, outsourcing is a widely used term. Not only are call centers for customer services considered outsourcing service providers, but also production facilities (see as textile production in Asia for large fashion labels), accounting firms, marketing agencies or automation and optimization service providers. In addition, you need to distinguish between outsourcing and offshoring. While the former exclusively describes the outsourcing of a particular area of work, the latter refers to the relocation of work to another country. A typical example of offshoring would be the use of a South Asian call center. Especially in the case of call center outsourcing, you have a partner in us who operates "on site" in Germany. We take care of all aspects of your customer support and ensure that you can focus on your core business.

With ja-dialog, you have a reliable partner for outsourcing in Germany.

The 7 benefits of call center outsourcing

Let's get straight to the most important information. What benefits can you expect from call center outsourcing?

1. Cost saving

First and foremost, of course, is the cost savings! By using an external call center provider, you get a fixed offer that fits your needs and allows you to plan for the long term. On the other hand, an inhouse customer service would incur enormous costs for personnel, technical equipment and for the connection to existing processes, especially at the beginning. The bottom line is that an external call center will not only be cheaper and more financially predictable but will also be able to implement the desired services more quickly.

2. Personnel recruitments and trainings are not necessary

Not only the costs for corresponding personnel are eliminated, but also the effort for recruitment and training. Keep in mind that you need to train every new employee for your customer support both right at the beginning and in future when you need to hire new workers. With a call center partner, this worry is completely eliminated because we take care of 100% of the training for the employees assigned to your company.

3. Offer 24/7 customer service

Especially today, fast communication is more important than ever for the demanding customer. No one wants to address their inquiries and problems to specific customer support hours. If today's customer has a problem, they want it solved now! As a call center provider, we are able to fully satisfy your customers' needs - primarily thanks to our permanent availability through multiple channels. While your premises are closed, we continue to take care of your customer satisfaction.

4. Dealing with the problem of seasonal customer flows

Many companies struggle with fluctuating customer flows, which is why setting up their own customer care center is only worthwhile for a limited time of the year. You can cleverly bypass this problem intelligently by simply outsourcing your service center. We at ja-dialog can put together an uncomplicated overall package for you that takes your seasonal fluctuations into account. This way, you can be available to your customers all year round without having to maintain the structures of a service center.

5. Save on expansion costs

Of course, there comes a point where you want to expand. However, you should focus on the areas that require undivided attention. It's not worth expanding solely for the sake of having your own customer support and if you're looking to expand anyway, you can still save a lot of money and space by simply outsourcing customer support to a professional call center service provider.

6. Let customer connection be done by professionals

Especially as a startup, your focus may be on product development. This is where most of your energy and passion goes, while customer service might be seen as a necessary evil. How about being able to continue directing your full capacities on the core activities of your company while we watch your back when it terms of customer care? As a professional call center with qualified personnel, customer retention is not only our daily business, but also our passion.

7. Enjoy flexibility

When expanding or entering new markets, it's difficult to estimate the necessary resources for customer service. This, of course, not only increases the workload, but also the risk of bad investments. By intelligently outsourcing call center services, you can avoid this problem, as we are able to respond to any change, no matter how small and adjust our capacities accordingly.

Worries and fears around outsourcing

Are you also considering outsourcing your customer services? Sooner or later, every growing company considers handing over various tasks to specialized service providers. However, there are also some concerns not far from this consideration. After all, you are entering into an enormous relationship of trust and potentially place essential areas of your business in the hands of third parties.

As a professional call center partner, we are committed to solving all these problems and concerns that stand in the way of a relaxed outsourcing project, for your greatest safety.


Below we have highlighted the biggest potential problems along with our solution approach:

Problem: Loss of control
Example: What happens when I can no longer actively intervene in the processes, such as when something goes wrong?
Our solution: From the very beginning, every step of our work is transparent and can be designed 100% according to your wishes. Should any process not run ideally, you always have the opportunity to initiate changes.
Problem: Lack of structures and processes to make outsourcing efficient.
Example: How is important information from customer meetings passed on to other company departments, such as accounting, logistics or management?
Our solution: Before any order is execution, we provide consulting and implementation support to set up all the necessary structures for smooth cooperation.
Problem: Dependence on the call center service provider
Example: What if I want to switch my outsourcing partner at some point? Am I then not already dependent on the processes of the current partner?
Our solution: Of course, we hope to work together successfully for many years. However, if a change is desired, we are professionally positioned to ensure a smooth transition. In addition, all customer service processes are designed in such a way that the relevant tasks could be transferred to other service providers at any time.
Problem: Risks with sensitive data
Example: What about sensitive company information? Is it treated confidentially?
Our solution: Of course, we and our executing employees sign a confidentiality agreement. So, you don't have to worry about the disclosure of sensitive data. All processes are GDPR-compliant.

Why Call Center Outsourcing with ja-dialog is worthwhile for you!

As a value-added, outsourced call center in Berlin, we have made it our mission to hire only the most qualified employees who understand how to meet the wishes and needs of your customers. To provide you with the best service and to allow you to fully focus on the core tasks of your business, we are always striving to be ideally organized in all areas.

Highest efficiency with the integration
of the latest technology

Of course, we are able to connect and integrate current technologies and the latest applications with our existing infrastructure. Short-term adjustments and project implementations up to the complete restructuring of systems are part of our "daily business".

We provide all necessary IT

Not only the personnel, but also the operationally necessary hardware is provided by us, while our IT experts ensure continuous functionality.

Nutzen Sie unser Know-how für
your optimization

As an outsourcer, we help you to continuously optimize your customer service. Use our expertise in data and process analysis to optimize workflows and continuously improve the customer experience. Detailed reporting and accurate KPIs transparently show the effectiveness of processes and the efficiency of the deployed personnel. We also consistently analyse and evaluate all customer interactions and feedbacks for you!

Versatility and
Multilingual services

Our call center agents are true professionals and bring years of experience in customer service. Variability and regular adaptation to a wide range of technical and process-related requirements is a matter of course. This also includes providing customer service in different languages. Finding suitable multilingual staff can be a challenge but is not a challenge for us.

Our services in Call Center

Case studies: The profitability of working with ja-dialog

We are far from being a rigid service provider that only focuses on customer service for inbound calls. We are happy to work with you to develop a compelling customer service concept that seamlessly integrates into your existing processes. Using three examples, we can show you why and how working with us can be beneficial.


Topics in the energy sector are often complex and extensive. A great deal of expertise is required for this, long and extensive training courses are usually needed. Our customer in the energy sector required a quick set-up, which we were able to achieve very effectively by adapting the training concept. Small learning units alternating with productive phases to consolidate what had been learned led to success. At the same time, we were able to achieve success in sales by focusing on the added value for the customer in the conversation, thus also increasing the customer experience.


Many companies are faced with seasonally fluctuating customer flows, including a well-known car insurance company. As an experienced customer service specialist, we were able to score particularly well in efficiency improvement. Reducing call time while maintaining high quality and optimizing use of shift times are our strengths. As a result, we are able to handle significantly more volume during the peak season than was previously possible inhouse. Since it is hardly worthwhile to set up the structures for a high-quality customer service in such a case, we have created a comprehensive offer that reliably covers all customer inquiries in both high and low seasons.


In many cases, eCommerce business is seasonal and there may be sudden spikes in the number of incoming customer inquiries that exceed a company's own capacities. Together with a start-up, we restructured their customer service after concluding a joint analysis of the most common use cases. At the client's site, we assessed typical customer concerns and the corresponding internal processes in the context of the existing knowledge base. In this process, we identified efficiency potentials and defined benchmarks. The backlog was reduced through faster and simpler solutions. At the same time, as external service providers, we quickly provided the necessary personnel to ensure excellent customer service even during peak season.


Companies in the early stages of growth want (and need) to focus on product development and therefore often have fewer resources left for customer communication - as was the case with our customers "Connect" and "Kult". At Connect, our first step was to use our expertise to build an infrastructure that would allow customer service to seamlessly integrate into the company's processes. Subsequently, our team of professionally trained and multilingual call center employees took care of incoming customer inquiries and problems around the clock. At Kult, we not only took over the entire customer service (mail and telephony), but also provided technical support. This comprehensiveness to customer support is complemented by the company's social media channels and its own chat channel, which are also professionally managed by ja-dialog.

Health Care

In the Health Care sector, we were able to win over the client with our empathy in dealing with customers, even on sensitive issues. After an extensive product training by the client and internal communication training on different types of customers, we were able to convince the client in the long term with our professional customer service. Initially, it was only planned as short-term support, but it has since become a permanent part of our project landscape.

Banking sector

When it comes to money... for clients in the banking and financial services sector, outsourcing is associated with barriers. We were able to convince our client, who had initially small volume, that the customer service, which is characterized by complexity, is in very good hands with us. Constant, fast and consistent implementation of the client's requirements have led to growth and expansion of the services. High quality and quantity work, as well as excellent cooperation, finally led to a lasting and permanent cooperation. Requirements to the highest standards, data protection and BaFin are also important core elements of this solid cooperation. The expansion of existing and commissioning of new subject areas underlines this with us as a reliable and enormously flexible partner.


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